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Birthdate:Jun 30
Location:Rochester, Minnesota, United States of America
Hi, so I'm actually a girl - but this profile is sortof a character profile for Mark, a character from the 2010 adaption of the original 1985-1988 movie Fright Night. Mark is a bully in the movie, but I think there could be a lot more to him than that - so this is a way to show my take on the character. My actual interests are below in the Interest section so you can see what I'm into, but the following is about Mark, played by the highly accomplished actor Dave Franco. Oh, and also, just a little disclaimer here - I do not own Fright Night or any of the characters therein. Charley Brewster, Amy Peterson, Ed Lee, Mark, Peter Vincent, and Jerry Dandridge (not to mention Charley's mom and other characters that may be referenced in the following), they belong to Dream Works Studios and the makers of Fright Night 2011, 1985-88, 2014 (because they did another remake that was pretty good). Also, for the purposes of the story Mark is related to fake psychic detective Shawn Spencer (James Roday, Psych) and his father Henry Spencer. I also don't own Psych or any of the characters therein.

About Mark: Yeah, so I'm one of the popular kids at Clark High in Clark County, Nevada. My life used to be normal - then I got turned into a vampire. I didn't actually think they existed - but they do. So now, that means spending ever day - well, night - with Jerry Dandridge (who turned me) and that nerd Ed Lee . . . I mean, he's not that bad I guess, this just wasn't how I pictured my life turning out. I was supposed to get a football scholarship to college. So much for that. My name is Mark Spencer, and any family I could have - my mom and dad Vianne and Rob Spencer, my uncle Henry Spencer and my weird "psychic" cousin Shawn (who is actually pretty cool, but come on, a "psychic" detective agency?) - I'll probably never see them again. So I've gotta make the most of this and since I'm gonna be this way forever, giving that dweeb Ed a chance seems to be the only option I have . . . actually (if I'm being honest, and don't tell anyone because I've got a rep to keep up) . . . I actually . . . kindof like him. Yeah, like that. There's nothing wrong with it, I don't have anything against people who are gay, but unfortunately for me, I'm not sure people would really understand. But, Ed . . . he gets me, now that we're in the situation we're in. And I can't help feel pulled to him even though I kindof act like a douche to him a lot.
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